Sunday, April 11, 2010

What's in a name?

Yes, yes my blog has a weird name. So I figured I should share what's behind it. You may still think it's silly after all, but at least you won't think it meaningless.

My husband and I have a serious thing for 20 ounce styrofoam cups.

I realize all you environmental people (should you stumble here)will need to inform me how terrible this is. Well, I don't litter and I once saved a bird from a bulldog AND cut it free from one of those six pack holders, so back off. I care. We just really like these cups.

Anyway, when we're calling it a night, someone always has to "get the water"...and it has to be in one of these cups with ice. They don't sweat and if you wake up choking at three am, you've still got ice. It seems like a really small thing, but these details of our lives- that no one else may know about or understand- give us that wonderful warm and fuzzy feeling of being at home, loved, and understood.

It's sort of the same deal with the crosswords. We actually started going these when we first moved to Atlanta and weren't yet married. We were waiting on the cable to be intalled and would sit out on the balcony of our apartment and work through a crossword puzzle or two, drinks (and cigarettes, at that time) usually in hand. We always do these with the same rythym, and it's almost always become a game between us. The hubby actually does the puzzles, filling in what he knows and mulling over the more difficult ones. When he's racked his brain all he can stand, he throws out the clue. And most of the time (mind you we do the easy ones) I can pop out the answer. I'm a bit of a nerd and an avid reader, so vocabulary is my thing. He mutters an expletive or "duh" and we move on to the next. He "wins" when I can't figure it out either and we have to flip to the back.

So there you go. The name is strange, but it represents something wonderful and important...two people stealing intimate moments and comforts from a crazy, crazy world.